What is SRT - Spiritual Response Therapy

SRT or Spiritual Response Therapy is an alternative, mental, spiritual healing method that uses universal energy for healing traumas of the past lives of contemporary life and subconscious blocks. SRT is very different from most alternative therapies.

The SRT is very precise process of exploring the subconscious mind and mental health records to uncover hidden blocks to health, joy of life and spiritual growth, helping to solve issues in relationships, work and health problems.

The origin and history of the SRT

Spiritual Response Therapy was originated by Robert E. Detzler (* July 4, 1926 - † April 2, 2013), former reverend Unitarian Church in the USA. He began to develop SRT in 1985, when he started to work with Mrs. Cameron and continued the work of Davis Creek and Leslie LeCron who have studied and work with hypnotherapy.

He began with eight basic words and over the years he developed complex system of tables, which allows in-depth study and removal of all the blocks. Robert E. Detzler wrote about the SRT method 3 books: "The Freedom Path", "Soul Re-Creation", and "Spiritual Healing".

In 1991 the Spiritual Response Association (SRA) was incorporated in the state of Washington, which was subsequently recognized by the IRS as a not-for-profit religious and educational organization.

Today the SRA educates their teachers and consultants who are practicing and spreading SRT in many countries around the world.

How SRT helps

Are you feeling stuck or being stopped by something on your life's journey? Do you remember when you have seen the world as a magical place? This world is still here!
  • I will help you find your child's carelessness that got lost in today's busy world.
  • I will help you work on your spiritual and personal development, which is extremely important for your healthy development and growth.
  • I will help you work on your self-esteem, discover and recognize your true value and essence.
  • I will help you meet people who will truly appreciate who you are, and attract soul mate into your life.
  • I will help you discover your mission in life, to be able to actually do what you are born to do. To stop struggling in a job that is not fulfilling for you. If you start doing what you truly love, it brings joy not only to you but also your family, friends and colleagues; everyone who comes into contact with your life will feel truly blessed.
  • I will help you learn how to overcome life's obstacles with ease, continue to grow and finally live a full and happy life which is worthy of you.
  • Your life will be fulfilled and abundant once you realize that you truly deserve it.

What issues can be resolved by SRT

For adults

  • Low self-esteem and self-image
  • Blocks on the joy of life
  • Trouble in relationships
  • Overweight and underweight
  • Compulsive eating (To rely on food for emotional support)
  • Anxiety and panic attacks, depression and phobias, insomnia
  • Lack of abundance and prosperity
  • Clearing and removal of souls of people who had passed away and other multi-dimensional entities
  • Problems with sexuality
  • Allergies and intolerances
For children

  • ADHD and children's aggression
  • Help children with autism
  • Problems caused by traumatic experiences (e.g., enuresis, stuttering, phobias, etc.)
  • Trouble with insomnia
  • Baby feeding problems
  • Fear of separation from the mother
  • Fear of new people in life
  • and many other problems

What are the advantages of SRT

The great advantage of the SRT method is its softness, ease and accuracy at which will examine all the blocks truly in depth.

SRT allows fast and very effective work with discarnate souls and other multi-dimensional entities. These are redundant souls who I'll take gently and quickly away of both - your aura and physical body, but also of houses, flats and other premises.

Another big plus of SRT method is its gentleness and nonviolence. Practically in seconds can be removed blocks from consciousness and from the subconscious, which you may not even know of, and which often affect your quality of life.

For its gentleness and ease is SRT method suitable for babies already. Needless to say that when working with children is almost always inevitable to work with parent(s) too, connection is very strong.

SRT method is extremely effective in personal development. During the session I will help you to open yourself to joy of life.

How are sitting SRT

The whole SRT siting is very relaxed, without any action on your part. All you need is a clear intention, goal and desire for change.

After a peaceful settlement and explanation of therapy I start to communicate with your "higher self" that responds via ideo-motoric response via pendulum, over a complex system of 40 tables. It will help me to examine carefully your subconscious mind and mental records, and reveal hidden blocks, multi-dimensional entities and extra souls which might influence you on your journey.

During the session, you can feel the chill of the body or spreading the heat. These feelings last only a short time. Then, almost immediately, you will feel a great relief.

Already in a single session SRT can be removed huge amount of your blocks and difficulties. Removed blocks and emotional charges around them will no longer have any effect on your life.

Booking SRT