Our story

I sat on horse racing, wondering what this hell I'm doing. I love animals, but I'm certainly not a fan of riding. I'd rather be on the ice with hockey teammates and prepare for the season, be stuck at school, sitting at home or hang out on the street with the ball, but I’m sitting in the stands, screaming out the name of some jockey.

"Who are you chanting for?" asked beautiful blond girl sitting on the seat right next to me.

The most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life, flashed through my head. I was only eight and she was on the verge of puberty, and she spoke to me! “Stay calm” my inner voice whispered to me. How am I supposed to respond to not sound awkward? She is so beautiful; even the princess would be ashamed next to her.

I grabbed her hand and gave her a kiss. She looked like she has been waiting exactly on this. I do not know how, but within seconds we were out on the field and exchanging first kisses and the innocent hugs. It was like heaven.

I was lying on the bed and only slowly realized that the fairy that I love so much is gone. I believed with all my heart she will return one day. I felt so much love for her; it must surely draw her back again.
The days passed, weeks and years, and fairy slowly faded from my mind, even though somewhere deep in my memories still blazed a glimmer of hope on our next meeting.

I was sitting in the living room on the couch with notebook and pencil in hand, wondering if I still remember how such a fairytale prince look like. Orders in the universe must be accurate and clear. Header paper I wrote "The intention of a soul mate relationship: grow and develop in Love!” YES! That's exactly what, I want to learn how to love even more, myself, my future husband, life, the world. In my mind I emerged a little Maria, the little girl who is six. She is reading fairy tales and knows exactly how such a prince looks, acts, loves. The pencil started write as if it danced down the paper, and my body was flooded with pleasant warmth. By my inner sight I saw a beautiful light of indeterminate color and deep in my heart I knew that it would be a kind of cognitive signs.
It was nearly two decades older and FB post jumped on my screen “Hello to everyone :-) I'd like to bring myself it to the attention of the local gentlemen. I’d like to go on a date with a spiritually-based vegan. You have to be a charmer, have a nice smile and bubbly personality :-) I live in Prague, originally from Slovakia, and I am a witch working with alternative treatments and massages. I’m 31 and as bonus I can cook too! And do not fight much about me much: D :D :D." I hesitated whether to show the interest, I've seen so many similar posts and it was mostly waste of time. Curiosity finally won and I just sent a few words. Maria responded and our virtual conversation started. We found that we have so much in common; we agreed that we must meet and talk face to face. We have become almost dependent on our messaging and looked forward to our first meeting.
When I was lying down in my bed alone, my inner voice kept reassuring me: "Everything is arranged, he is on the way" I knew that I could be calm. I enjoyed every day as if it was my last “single” day, until one evening, an urge to write a FB post drove me out of bed. I thought it was the crazy but I felt the lead and I wrote what I wrote. Few days later I got message from Vasek. He was nice, kind and as we were writing, I kept checking off more and more things from my list. Is it HIM? I was very excited to meet him.
I went for short workout in the evening and was returning home by subway. I entered middle wagon and was writing message to Maria. I held the phone on a front of my face and thought of how to make her smile. Train stopped at the station and crowd rushed right through me. Right on a front of me stood beauty staring into her phone. Look at her, sly glance at the display, back on her, and a quick response of my facial muscles created a smile.
"Hi, do I know you?" god that was stupid, simple hi would be enough
"Are you Maria?" I continued carefully
"Hi! Vasek?"
We exchanged a few sentences. Maria told me that she always travels in last wagon, but only now she understood why she stopped in the middle. We agreed that this cannot be coincidence, and I asked her out on a date next day.

It was Tuesday evening and I was returning home from dinner. I always take first wagon on the subway it closest to the stairs and I escape crowds. This time, something stopped me, and I was in the middle of the platform. I had ě minutes for train to arrive so I decided to check my phone, maby I have message from Vasek. "Yeah! Message! Awesome!“ My heart jumped. Metro arrived, and I went to closest door with eyes on my screen. I raised my eyes and saw the lights of indeterminate color that was literally magnetically drawing me to self. That light ... what ... my heart was pounding like crazy and in my body I felt this well-known warmth. From this beautiful aura - Vasek looked at me! With his shy "hello" we were so endearingly nervous, but we both knew already.
After a month I moved in with her. Half a year later we bought a house in the village, I asked her to marry me, and I learned that dreams can come true even after many and make two people happiest creatures in the world.
After half a year of our journey together is my ability to love much greater. Love to yourself, Vasek and the world. And whenever I think that I cannot love more, he proves me wrong. Sometimes, when I am full of fear, his faith in the fulfillment of our dreams will encompass and embrace me. "Don’t worry my love, we ordered and it will come" And every time it really comes. New house, vacation, large garden, everything we wanted. My favorite moment was, when he inserted little red box with the ring into my palm.

The ancient Greeks believed that man and woman were one being, and that Gods slash them into two because it was stronger than them. Now I'm beginning to understand. Love is really powerful and to be in her arms makes life really fulfilled.