Ever since I was a child, I was "weird". I saw lights that spoke to me, and every blade of grass I perceived as little being with its own angel. The fact that I was born in the Carpathian Mountains on the eastern Slovakia was extremely helpful. But not helpful was bullying at school, lack of love and understanding at home, unnecessary violence ... simply said: things that should not happen - happened, and things that should happen didn’t. So I, slowly but surely, disconnected from myself and started to try with all my strength to fulfill absurd image of the "normal" girl; and I was doing pretty good. I had a good job, the right friends, I lived in the three capitals of Europe. But there was a problem, I was not happy, not at all. And so I began a long journey back to my own heart, it took few years before I really got over all those old wounds, hurt, and feelings of victim. And then it clicked, truth, that the only journey we are to accomplish here on earth, is to flourish and become a beautiful human being, that only what really matters is love, and that everything I get I my life is my own doing. Only then, after all those small steps and stairs, great miracles began to happen. I met my soul mate and we are together building a life that is worthy of us. We are dedicated to do what is really enjoyable a fulfilling for us, and we are trying to show everyone around us that true happiness is about a decision, not about the fate or divine plan. As wise Eduard Tomas says: "There is no lasting happiness in any of the subjects of the world, It lays within us."